What I Can Do

Projects That Make Me Drool

Projects That Make Me Drool

  • Building and managing a website, e.g. for your business, for your dog, etc.
  • Doing front-end improvements for your website to get rid of that 1990s look
  • Making your website responsive so it won't blow up on a smartphone screen again
Projects That Also Interests Me

Projects That Also Interest Me

  • General front-end development and back-end development in LAMP model
  • Playing around with relational database, creating SQL queries, and data analytics
  • Translation between English and Chinese because Google Translate can't help you
Things That I Won't Be Any Help

Things That I Won't Be Much Help

  • Complex back-end coding, server administration, fighting off hackers
  • Job description of a senior web developer or senior software engineer
  • Predicting winning lottery numbers, making the Cubs win the World Series, etc.